The Post-Brexit Trade Agreement Leaves Many Questions Unanswered

If it seems that little has changed, it`s because both sides agreed that a lot of things would stay the same for 11 months to give leaders time to agree on a life after Brexit. But with few details at the disposal of business leaders – not to mention most politicians – French fishermen have been abandoned and have tried to understand how their craft will work in the new year. British manufacturers and distributors have praised the security offered by the agreement. But economists said other sectors of the economy – particularly Britain`s huge services sector – would be left in the cold. In the past, Michel Barnier and his main mastermind, European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker, will oppose any sectoral free trade system. In the services sector, market access negotiations are expected to continue for some time. It remains to be seen how far the EU-UK Memorandum of Understanding will go in March, but it is likely that Brussels will take a wait-and-see approach to future equivalence agreements, in which case it will take some time to reach a meaningful agreement between the EU and the UK on financial services. There would be no free trade agreement for services and therefore no “regulatory alignment”. Britain and the EU announce a post-Brexit trade deal that smooths out the December 31 exit In terms of class politics, the Financial Times had no doubt about the content of the deal.

In a last-minute deal reached on New Year`s Eve before the end of the transition period, Britain agreed to allow free movement to and from Gibraltar from Spain, which would allow the area to reach the Schengen area without a passport, with passport controls at the airport for flights from the UK. The deal prevents the immediate need for a hard border, but will raise longer-term questions about British sovereignty over Gibraltar, which is home to some 32,000 people and has been under British control since the Treaty of Utrecht in 1713. Brexiteers say leaving the EU will give the UK more freedom to strike trade deals around the world. The hard-fought deal between the two sides has been resolved and a five-year transition period for fisheries has been agreed, after which EU catches are expected to fall by 25 percent, according to thursday`s announcement. EU member states, as well as the UK and European parliaments, have yet to vote on the deal, although the EU body`s action may not take place until the January 1 separation. The British Parliament is due to vote on 30 December. As shadow International Trade Minister Barry Gardiner pointed out yesterday, the alternative is not only to tie the hands of any Labour government, but also to undermine democracy itself by rejecting the referendum result. The devil will be in the details of the 2,000-page deal, but both sides have claimed the deal protects their cherished goals.

Britain said it was giving the UK control over its money, borders, laws and fishing grounds, and making sure the country was “no longer on the EU moon train”. In the short term, the UK`s economic outlook depends on both the cost of Brexit trade adjustment and the evolution of the pandemic. While inventories, limited traffic due to the coronavirus, and more flexible control by UK border troops are expected to mitigate the disruptions, it is likely that the impact of Brexit adjustment costs on manufacturing will become evident in the first quarter of this year. This is expected to weigh on UK government bond yields and the fall in the pound sterling. Today, when UK and European companies and governments discuss things like patents, food labelling or clearing transactions in financial derivatives, the Court of Justice of the EU in Luxembourg is the court of last resort. This will have to change when the UK leaves the EU`s single market. New trade agreements require a new legal framework for dispute settlement. The depth and breadth of cross-border trade between the EU and the UK requires a faster and more specific solution than the World Trade Organisation, but the central issue of sovereignty concerns the heart of Brexit and is so devilishly complex that a diplomatic and legal miracle will be needed to create an agreement as simple as the existing one. The EU and the UK have always had to agree on new rules to live, work and act together. The government lowered the standard corporate tax rate from 20% in this year`s budget to 19% and announced a further reduction to 17% in 2020, the lowest of the G20 group of major developed and emerging economies.

This initiative aims to encourage companies to stay in the UK after Brexit. Theresa May has hinted that the UK could cut it even further if the EU chooses to punish him for Brexit by rejecting favourable trade terms, although some have warned that open participation in tax competition could be counterproductive and could harden attitudes towards Britain in other member states. It will take years for it to be clear what Brexit means in practice, and trade conflicts will weigh on UK GDP for some time. The Brexit deal includes clauses to review trade terms after five years — a date that would roughly align negotiations with the upcoming UK election — so the terms of Britain`s relationship with the EU are likely to remain a political issue for some time to come. London is a financial capital of the world with financial services employing more than one million people and contributing $178 billion to the UK economy. What does the trade agreement say about that? They understand that any tariff model that allows for meaningful commercial freedom could undermine the entire “Fortress Europe.” Important questions remain unanswered, although some questions can be clarified with the publication of another white paper. With the announcement of the trade agreement, the end of Brexit is finally in sight. What really happened? The post-Brexit trade and cooperation agreement signed by the EU and the UK looks like a “hard Brexit” and leaves many important questions unanswered. When the UK was in the EU, it was automatically part of the EU`s trade agreements with more than 70 countries. More than four years after Britain voted to leave the European Union, Brexit finally came into effect in early 2021. An 11th-hour trade pact ratified by Parliament on Wednesday in a final victory for British Prime Minister Boris Johnson`s term “Brexit over” has established a new framework for relations with the bloc.

Frédéric Cuvillier, mayor of Boulogne-sur-Mer, warned Friday that the agreement forces French fishermen to wonder how it will really affect them at the end of the holiday season. Reported incidents of religiously or racially motivated crime in England and Wales rose by 41% in July – shortly after the referendum – to the same level last year, according to Home Office figures. .

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