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Yes, I`ve seen this movie before and it`s a HUGE pile of steaming, which goes on the list of actors who cash in a paycheck. I`d bet my mother on the left will go straight to the DVD if she`s not wired. New trailer released today for Morgan Freeman and John Cusack`s new film “The Contract, have fun. Director Bruce Beresford talks at length about the film`s production in his memoir Josh Hartnett Definitely Wants To Do This. True stories from a lifetime in on-screen trading. [3] Maybe the movie is amazing (I doubt it one way or another), but this trailer has been terribly assembled. In Washington, D.C, Carden intercepts Miles, who is aware of his role in hiring Davis to kill him. Carden threatens to “come after her” if the Keene family is injured. Two weeks after the incident, Keene enters into a relationship with Sandra and arranges a family barbecue, expressing disbelief at hearing a radio report about Hammond, Sr., who dies in a “boat accident,” and realizes that Carden has completed his murder contract. The scenes on the big rock were shot in Zlatnite Mostove on the Vitosha Mountains of Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria. A television report in which he feels defeated and rests at home recalls an earlier conversation about Carden`s job description with the key term “eradicating obstacles to progress,” which alerts Keene to Carden`s goal.

Keene goes to hammond, Jr.`s funeral to intercept Carden and accidentally save Carden from Davis. Carden gets the better of Davis and kills him with his own sniper rifle. However, the fight forces Carden to miss his own window of time to assassinate Hammond, Sr. Carden gives Keene a set of keys in a hotel room where Carden locks Chris up and reunites father and son as he disappears. Ray Keene (John Cusack), a father who wants to redeem himself in the eyes of his son (Jamie Anderson), tries to bring Carden (Morgan Freeman), a world-class assassin, to justice. Meanwhile, he must protect his son and avoid the team of assassins who methodically hunt them in the desert. Written by Anonymous An experienced thief recruits a young crook to help him do one last job to pay off his debts to the Russian mafia. Ray Keene is a former police officer who struggles to build his relationship with his young son. However, his plan to connect via a camping trip in the woods turns sour when they meet a hitman (Cordell) who is just fleeing government custody.

Keene holds Cordell at gunpoint, but without a cell phone signal, they begin to wander towards civilization. However, with Cordell`s men on their heels, Ray becomes increasingly desperate as he tries to get into the protection of the authorities. I saw this film on a night bus crossing Argentina. I don`t mention this as a name dropping, but to admit that the sound was very quiet because the passengers slept and relied on headphones or Spanish subtitles. Without headphones or working Spanish, I prepared to tire my ears and use subtitles as much as possible. I wouldn`t have had to worry because I could have followed this if the sound had been muted and the DVD had played all the scenes randomly. The plot may be simple, but it offered a kind of moral ambiguity that interested me at first. With two strong actors in the lead roles, I expected the verbal fireworks to be more interesting than the plot. In a way, I was right, but that doesn`t mean the script was good, just the plot was bad. The moral complexity of good and evil is bypassed, but ultimately thrown into an end that is nothing more than insulting and lazy writing. Luckily, anyone who gets to the end won`t be surprised by this, because it`s pretty much like the previous hour. The narrative is absolutely not convincing and does not offer much to compensate for this.

The tension that could have covered the plot holes is missing and the action is usually just plain stupid. Authors Katz and Darrouzet deserve a lot of credit for this, because really no one has much to work with. Director Beresford does the groundwork with little conviction, but I felt sorry for the casting. Both Freeman and Cusack deserved much better than this nonsense. Freeman, I guess, was drawn to the chance to play a villain, and it`s a shame the script doesn`t really let him do it with difficulty. Cusack does what is asked of him, but no more. Supporting actors are at best on average in tune with their cardboard characters. All in all, then a completely bad film, which offers nothing interesting and wastes the talents of the two main actors. If I hadn`t been a captive audience, I would have struggled to break the 30-minute mark.

When a senator`s daughter is abducted from a private school under the protection of the Secret Service, Detective Alex Cross investigates the case, although he recovers from the loss of his partner. From the rejection of film school to the Hollywood legend, take a look at Steven Spielberg`s career so far and explore what lies ahead. The Contract is a 2006 film directed by Bruce Beresford. It stars Morgan Freeman as assassin Frank Carden and John Cusack as Professor Ray Keene. The Contract was released directly on video in the United States and most European countries and received little critical attention despite its high-profile cast. 4 Criminals steal diamonds from a locker in Cape Town – including a ride with the evil plans of a US senator. He will do everything to get it back from Alexis/Olga Kurylenko. When a new journalist discovers a cave of corrupt policemen, he finds fragile allies in a jaded journalist and investigator of a powerful district attorney. The nephew of an armored truck driver tries to prevent three million dollars from being taken from a local rival gang during a catastrophic flood caused by a violent storm.

Powerful lawyer Claire Kubik discovers that her world is turned upside down when her husband, who lives under a false name, is arrested by military police and tried for murdering villagers while he was in the Marines. Kathryn is desperate at the news of her husband`s death, which was delivered by a stranger to the airline for which he was a pilot. However, she begins to discover information that leads her. View Full Summary » A disgraced Black Ops agent is sent to a remote CIA radio station to protect a code operator. Soon, they find themselves in a life-and-death struggle to stop a deadly conspiracy before it`s too late. When Danny sees his father-in-law Rick murdering a man, Danny`s father, Frank, must protect his son from the greatest danger. An obsessed police officer is on the trail of a serial killer wandering the streets of Buffalo, New York, but when his teenage daughter disappears, he drops any professional restraint to catch the killer. The film was shot almost exclusively in Bulgaria and the headquarters of DSK Bank served as the main set. John Cusack and Morgan Freeman do a great job with a mediocre script and poor editing, but Don Widower Ray Keene (John Cusack), a high school physical education teacher, ex-cop and well-meaning but not very capable father of Chris (Jamie Anderson), belatedly realizes the need to bond with his son when he is caught smoking marijuana and lets him wander in the desert.

Carden is led through the same desert by the marshals, but his men organize an attempt to rescue. The car crashed and most of the stewards eventually died. The surviving marshal asked Keene to take the prisoner to the authorities, and then died of his wounds. Ray and Chris must take Carden out of the desert and hand him over to the authorities. Carden`s men, highly skilled former military thugs, hunt her down to save Carden and kill the Keenes. The chase puts a couple, Sandra and Lochlan (Megan Dodds and Ryan McCluskey), between two fires, Lochlan being killed by Carden`s men. In a tense argument in a cabin in the woods, Carden`s friends show up and Keene agrees to let Carden go. At this very moment, one of Carden`s thugs burst in and beats Chris, causing Keene to panic and kills him, while Sandra shoots the other as he goes into the fire.

Carden escapes and takes Chris hostage, while Sandra and Keene are rescued by local police. Miles (Alice Krige), Carden`s head of mission, tells Davis (Corey Johnson), Carden`s youngest recruit, to kill Carden and Chris and make it look like Carden did it. She also tells him to kill Keene if Carden tells her about his work. A drama with a two-stage plot about a mother and daughter trying to form a bond after the young woman`s difficult childhood. Frank Carden (Morgan Freeman) is a professional assassin hired to kill a reclusive billionaire named Lydell Hammond, Sr., a vocal opponent of stem cell research. Carden`s plan goes wrong when he is injured in a car accident and ends up in the hospital. When the hospital staff sees his gun, they call the police. .

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