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“We thank our teachers for supporting this agreement and for their commitment to providing our students with excellent learning and guidance opportunities in our classrooms,” said John Fanjoy, President of the Nunavut Teachers` Association (NTA). and when they finally get along, the rates will be a joke, every time the deal is renewed, the rates are like 2%, 1.5%, 1.5% 1%, which is a stupid way to get rid of us, to ask questions about our needs. Without us workers, nothing would happen in every community. We deserve more than 1% increase in jokes. and that the increase of 1.5% of 1% is even too small to cover the deductions that are counted by thousands on each salary! Iqaluit, Nunavut (September 21, 2021) – The Government of Nunavut and the Nunavut Teachers` Association are pleased to announce that on September 17, 2021, they will be able to report that on September 17, 2021, the Government of Nunavut and the Nunavut Teachers` Association September 2021, after a week of joint bargaining, reached an interim agreement on a new collective agreement. “I think this is the first time we`ve seen three of our unions negotiated at the same time. We hoped and expected that the NEW collective agreement would be finalized by then, as you indicated and as we all want to see, but it is precisely in this situation,” he said. As a government, we are prepared to negotiate all three collective agreements. I hope people will take the time to read and do the math correctly. Yes, the deal was quickly finalized and they offered a 7% spread over 4 years. For the 1st year 2%, it`s about $30 to $70 more on your salary. But money aside, the union gave up so much, no wonder the negotiations went so fast. Please take the time to read and you will see that the teacher has lost much more than he gains, much more.

So, no, I don`t agree with the statement that it went well because the importance of the teacher in the community is noticed. It is not mentioned that there are not many benefits to showing teachers that they are important, be honest. NTA sold its members. The list of what has been abandoned to list it, but what has been preserved, is a 2%, 1.5%, 1.5% and 2%. less than $70 after deductions and it is at the highest level. Does the NTA even recognize the price increase in the store, but the Northern Allocations do not mention it? just a note. SMH. NTA stops taking teachers for granted that you should represent them. Personnel Minister David Akeeagok responded to the Legislative Assembly on May 27: “Arbitration is an instrument, but both sides must agree. From our perspective, I still see that there is room for this agreement to be negotiated with the Nunavut Employees Union, and I am determined to see this agreement negotiated in good faith by both parties.

GN and NTA reach agreement in principle on a new collective agreement The details of the agreement – . B such as the amount of a salary increase teachers will receive – will not be published until the agreement is ratified, the two sides said. The Government of Nunavut and the Nunavut Teachers` Association are in the process of establishing a new collective agreement. “The time it took us to close [the deal] surprised us, but in a good way,” Matchett said, adding that the NTA is used to having contract negotiations that last longer. Angnakak noted that the GN`s collective agreement with the Nunavut Teachers` Association was reached on September 30. The collective agreement between Qulliq Energy Corporation and NEU expires on December 31. It requested an update on those negotiations. For the new agreement to be ratified, it must first be accepted by the NTA central executive. Then, NTA members will vote on whether or not to approve the agreement. “This agreement provides the basis for continuing to build a positive relationship between the parties,” said Education Minister David Joanasie.

It is the policy of the Buffalo Police Service that if members are required to appear before a court, regulatory or administrative authority at any time other than their own regular hours of work, and the purpose is to testify in the course of their official duties, they will be paid in the manner set out in the collective agreement. “It`s before the courts, but it shouldn`t stop these ongoing negotiations, and I encourage our collective bargaining leaders and the Nunavut Employees Union to come back to the table,” Human Resources Minister David Akeeagok told the May 27 Legislature. Photo courtesy of the Legislative Assembly Until the new agreement is passed, teachers are currently working under the same conditions as the agreement, which expired on June 30. The previous agreement expired on June 30, 2021. The agreement is subject to ratification by both parties, at which time further details will be announced. On March 1, teachers in the territory signed a four-year collective agreement that includes salary increases and changes related to Inuktut to advance the cause of bilingual education. 5 to the collective agreement to allow for appropriate review and timely decision-making. PROVISIONS OF THIS POLICY The Department of Education expects leave requests from ANBLD members to be processed consistently and in a timely manner in accordance with all aspects of the collective agreement, the Government of Nunavut Personnel Manual and the Public Service Act.

If a discretionary decision is to be made regarding a request for leave by an NTA member, the delegated decision-maker must consider the best interests of the students, which outweigh other considerations. An assessment of the impact on operational needs includes, inter alia, the following considerations: determining the subject-specific skills of the teacher requesting leave; the duration of the leave requested; and whether the leave can be taken into account without affecting the implementation of the school program, previous leave requests, the employee`s attendance list, conflicts with other staff leave requests and the timing of the leave request during the school year […].

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