Guinness Partnership Jobs

Our vision is to be one of the best employers in the country. We want Guinness to be a great place to work – a place where people are committed to our social goals, our customers, our future and our reputation. To learn more about the positions we are interested in and how to apply, click on a section of our organization that interests you. Our dedicated and qualified teams enable vulnerable people to live a full and happy life and maintain their independence safely. Our finance and corporate services teams are at the heart of our vision to continue to provide excellent services, excellent homes and a great place to work. Working closely with our customers, our enclosure and customer service teams provide essential services and support on a daily basis. By regenerating and building mixed-use rental homes, our development teams ensure that we can offer our clients a range of high-quality affordable housing options. Our maintenance and asset management teams perform inspections, repairs and regeneration work to ensure the safety of our clients` homes. Our entry-level programs have proven to be extremely successful, with over 50 apprentices, interns and interns recruited for Guinness each year.


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