Wardrobe Styling Contracts

The customer undertakes to pay the subsequent styling costs (if he has chosen the payment plan) after receipt of the invoice for the payment methods in cash and / or by check before the sessions. This package includes 1 hour of photo consultation, fashion hairstyle, hairstyle, makeup application, photo shoot in 3 outfits with 3 retouched photos. Then, have your current fashion choices and sense of style evaluated by a wardrobe professional. Enjoy personalized fashion tips and get a detailed shopping list (including links to specific stores) to help you complete your current pieces or build a brand new wardrobe without ever leaving home. How does it work? All clients in the wardrobe style begin their experience with a consultation that provides information about the client`s wishes and needs. This process allows your personal stylist to learn a little more about your personality and helps determine your specific tastes, budget, and goals. Virtual customers are also invited to submit a series of snapshots illustrating their current fashion sense, meaning, body type, etc. After the consultation, your stylist will conduct a face-to-face, Skype or email consultation and then create a purchase plan specifically for you. You`ll receive a consultation on the store, size and color, as well as a shopping list with links to specific clothing (as well as suggestions for shoes and accessories) to help you complete your new look. All virtual styling appointments are specially tailored to the needs and goals of each client. You can organize a session with a specific goal in mind (workwear, holiday clothes, maternity clothes, sexy lingerie, etc.), opt for a general wardrobe update, or have Kchic make a shopping list for a special event. Taking into account the mutual obligations and conditions set out herein, the client and stylist wish to be ready to provide hairdressing services as follows: first, I will start with a style consultation, and then I will do a wardrobe check which consists of removing things that do not match, look good or are obsolete.

Next, we`ll shop around for your new wardrobe. During this experience, I will teach you how to shop for your body and avoid bad purchases. Once we have purchased all the necessary purchases, we will go to your home and mix/combine all the necessary parts, including accessories and shoes. You will also receive a professional personal stylist on call for the duration of the wardrobe style. This rejuvenation includes a personalized gift to start your journey with a new look. * The wardrobe of the capsule may result in a price increase. Kchic is available for individual and/or corporate customers. As an experienced personal shopper, I swear to make your shopping experience unforgettable.

I will teach you how to shop according to your individual budget, whether it`s for a special occasion, work or a night. I will provide you with the most important pieces needed for your wardrobe and the best places where you are likely to find them. At the end of the styling service provided by Kchic, any image displayed on social media must be labeled and recognized @styledbykethlene and @kchicboutique (if the items are transported from the store) for the services provided. (Example: Instagram stylist: @styledbykethlene and @kchicsboutique clothing; Facebook Stylist: stylized by Kethlene and clothing by Kchicboutique) The stylist uses discussions, questions and requests to help the client identify personal and/or business goals, develops strategies and action plans to achieve those goals, and monitors progress in implementing action plans in terms of style. As a stylist, you want to make sure you are legally protected before offering your services. Our style services contract template is a contract for a personal or fashion stylist who provides individual services to their clients. This style accord is #legallyset, whether you`re styling for a single event or doing a wardrobe renewal. Cover all your bases with a contract that outlines all the expectations and conditions of your style services. Included in this Agreement is: Waiver: The Customer acknowledges and agrees that Stylist may ask the Customer questions that may be personal, difficult or disruptive in connection with the Services. The Customer waives any claim arising out of or resulting from Stylist`s questions, actions or services, with the exception of Stylist`s breach of its obligations under paragraph 4.

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