Spa Party Contract Template

Salon/spa services begin immediately at the start time of the game specified in this agreement. Since our time is specifically reserved for your party, guests arriving more than 10 minutes after the start of the party cannot be guaranteed all spa services. All services alternately follow between guests in the party. Little Pampered Princess Salon and Spa must receive a final number of guests, including all add-ons, no later than 3-5 days prior to the event. The above information is required to determine the number of employees required for your event. Please provide the first and last names of all members of the group you wish to plan for your Girls Night Out Party. Also indicate if there is a guest of honor, a birthday guest, a bride, etc. This contract is a binding agreement for service between the host/hostess We are here to ensure that your experience is unforgettable. We ask that if the children do not behave, the parents will intervene to control the situation. We will endeavor to keep your party under control as this is our specialty! How can I check your availability? To check availability, please contact us at 240-303-2051 or email us at guests must arrive 10 minutes before the start of the party to ensure that salon/spa services are on time and on time. For space reasons, only 3 to 5 adults are allowed to stay in the Party Lounge during the party. Our priority is to offer children the ultimate party experience.

A detour is highly recommended during this period. Parents/guardians are welcome to stay in the lobby/reception until the end of the party. * Any special needs/wishes must be brought to our attention prior to the date of the game so that appropriate protocols and exceptions can be introduced. The balance must be paid before the start of the game or before the date of the party. You must confirm your final number of guests with Cute To You Mobile Spa three (3) days prior to the party date. This is the confirmation number that Cute to You Mobile Spa uses to plan your party, and you will be charged accordingly. Once you have provided a final statement no later than the third (3) day before your booked party before noon, you can only add additional children if necessary. You cannot remove guests from the final count you specify three (3) days in advance until lunchtime, as our staff will prepare everything for the number already provided. If you do not contact us three (3) days in advance before noon, we will have to go there depending on the number of employees you provided us when booking the party. Some guests may not show up even when they register. Remember that you will be charged for the final number of guests you confirmed before the party, whether a child does not show up or not, as we use this count to prepare for your event. Sometimes you have more guests than expected because not everyone responds well to your RSVPs.

Parties with 14 or more girls always require more time, so you`ll be charged an additional $55 if you end up with more guests than expected at your party. So if you end up with 14 or more guests, even if you gave us a smaller final squad, you`ll be charged the extra $55.oo as it takes more time, as well as the extra $15.00 per child. We only take the right amount of dresses, headbands, dresses, porcelain for tea, etc. for the exact number of girls you give us a final staff number, but if you have additional guests, we may be able to incorporate them into your party and we will also be charged the extra $15.00 per child. Your electronic signature below confirms that you accept the terms of this Agreement. By submitting this form, you agree to all of the above policies and agree to share this information with all members of the group, and you electronically authorize Bella Vita Spa and Salon to use the credit card you provide if the above guidelines are not followed. We will do our best to work with you when a postponement occurs,” but subject to availability. We must be notified a week in advance to postpone your party.


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