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The customer service management application uses the standard ServiceNow SLA with customer service cases. An SLA can be attached to a service contract, a company, and a product, and can be configured to start, suspend, and terminate based on the attributes of the customer service cases. A contract may include an account and contact or a consumer and the specific assets covered. A contract can also contain multiple service permissions and SLAs. Provide support to your external customers through multiple communication channels and self-service options with customer and consumer service portals. A new table of SLAs is provided through the Service Level Management module > Service Contracts. These contracts include SLAs that apply to a single vendor or customer, as well as CIs, locations, groups, users, and child contracts related to the contract. Customers interact with customer service representatives through various communication channels, including email, phone, and chat. An authorization defines the type of media a customer receives and the supported communication channels. A right can be associated with a product, asset, account or contract. Configure the customer service management features, components, and integrations you need to provide service and support to your customers. A service contract record stores information about the type of support provided to a particular organization.

A contract can include an account or consumer, a contact, and the specific assets covered. A contract can also contain multiple service permissions and SLAs. With the customer service management app, you can provide your employees, including agents, with a variety of tools to target and respond to external customers, answer questions, and resolve issues. For external customers, you can provide self-service and assisted service options across multiple communication channels. Agents and managers can use the customer service management application to create cases for customers, route cases to agents with the required skills and availability, manage customer information and case activity, and connect to other applications and services to support case resolution. An authorization check is performed when a file is opened. This verification takes into account the existing cases for the respective account, product, asset and service contract. Permissions can be associated with workflows that control the recommended activities for a case. Customer Service Management enables integration with the Project Portfolio Suite with Financials application. This integration, Customer Project Management, allows customers to manage complex projects with multiple tasks and gives end users visibility into those projects.

. Claims are counted per unit. The Unit field on the Service Authorization screen defines the type of unit, either cases or hours. . Configure the customer service management features and components that agents and managers use to create and resolve incidents. Permissions can also be tracked by unit. The Total Units field defines the total number of cases or hours available for this authorization, and the Remaining Units field tracks the number of remaining units. These counters are active when the Per Unit field is selected. . . .

Customer service management-driven configuration provides a task sequence that you can use to configure customer service management on your ServiceNow instance. To open the customer service management-driven configuration, go to Customer Service Administration > > Guided Configuration. For more information about using the guided configuration user interface, see Using Guided Deployment. . . . Multi-factor authentication, also known as two-step verification, is a security requirement that confirms that a user enters multiple sets of credentials. Customer Service Management Routing and Case Assignment This video provides an overview of the routing and case assignment features available with customer service management. .

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