India-Malaysia Free Trade Agreement Pdf

Trade with India amounted to USD 10.77 .RM billion (USD 44.50 billion) compared to USD 12.02 billion (.RM 46.80 billion), down 4.9% from 2015; MICECA is a comprehensive agreement covering trade in goods, trade in services, investment and movement of natural persons. It reinforces the benefits of the ASEAN-India Agreement on Trade in Goods (AITIG) and will further facilitate and enhance mutual trade, services, investment and economic relations in general. . Allowable value content of at least 35 % of the FOB value. MICECA also includes a separate chapter that facilitates the temporary entry of installers and service providers, contractual service providers, independent professionals and business visitors (including potential investors) from Malaysia to India and vice versa. Interested parties can view the rules specific to your product in the links below. The main text of the agreement can be viewed via this link MICECA Agreement Malaysia and India concluded the Malaysia-India Comprehensive Economic Cooperation Agreement (MICECA) on 24 September 2010. For more information, please contact the FTA focal point(s) as follows: Products on India`s Exclusion List (EL) are not eligible for tariff reduction or elimination under MICECA. The Indian importer should pay the duty on the basis of the current most-favoured-nation rate.

. However, for your product to benefit from preferential rates, it must meet the criteria of the Rules of Origin (ROO) under miceca. Exports fell 7.0% to USD 7.13 billion (.RM 29.44 billion) from USD 8.12 billion (.RM 31.67 billion) in 2015; Model Certificate of Origin (CO) – MICECA Form (Annex 3-3.1 Certificate of Origin). It must come entirely from the country of origin; OR. Standard Route 1 (NT1): Duties on all products listed in NT1 will be removed by September 30, 2013, i.e. three months before AITIG. It has changed considerably to change the tariff classification under subheading to the six-digit HS level (CTSH); AND for the exclusion list (EL), India excluded 1,225 products under MICECA, compared to 1,298 under AITIG. Malaysia excluded 838 products under MICECA, compared to 898 under AITIG. India will impose tariffs of 45% on 3 palm products until 31 December 2018 (these 3 products have been excluded from tariff concessions under the AITIG). For any questions regarding the Certificate of Preferential Origin/Rules of Origin, please contact: India will continue to apply tariffs on refined palm oil (RPO) within 31 years.

December 2018 to the tune of 45% (one year earlier than India`s TALI schedule). . India has pledged to allow Malaysia`s foreign participation of between 49 and 100 percent in 84 service sectors, including professional services, healthcare, telecommunications, retail and environmental services. In return, Malaysia has pledged to allow India`s foreign participation in 91 service sectors. Under MICECA, Malaysia and India will gradually reduce or abolish tariffs on their respective industrial and agricultural products. The modality of tariff liberalization forever under MICECA is AITIG plus, with fewer products exempt from tariff concessions (reduction or elimination) and a shorter timeframe to reduce or eliminate tariffs. The main features of the MICECA tariff liberalisation package are: Malaysia has secured better concessions for palm oil and palm oil products under MICECA: If you are exporting to India, please click on this link to review preferential tariffs under MICECA: Elimination or progressive reduction of customs duties from the date of entry into force of the Agreement on 1 July 2011. The terms of the tariff reduction are as follows:. . .

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