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New walls along or next to a dividing line also fall within the scope of the law. If you intend to build to the border, you should inform your neighbour and give them the opportunity to appoint a surveyor. The Party Wall Act also applies to those parts of buildings that can be divided into separation of structures, para. B example in the case of a semi-detached house, it would be the wall that separates the two plots. The party wall, which separates two semi-detached houses, essentially divides the entire building into two separate apartments If the work has been agreed between the owner and the neighbor, the neighbor (if necessary) must allow surveyors and workers access to the party wall or party structure during normal working hours, BUT be informed 14 days in advance of the intention to do so. If your neighbor agrees that you can proceed with the work, this agreement must also be in writing (to protect the future owners of the property). This is also the case if they do not agree! Changes to existing party walls also require notice, and in these situations, the notice period is longer by 2 months. Work generally covered by this section of the act includes inserting beams or lightning bolts into the party wall or removing a chimney chest. An explanatory brochure can be downloaded here. This booklet picks up where this project ends and leaves you in no doubt about your rights in relation to a party wall or party structure.

The Party Walls Act covers the use of party walls as part of a new building If you, as the owner of a building, intend to do work on or on a wall you share with a neighbour, or on or near a common wall or party division, including excavations that may be deeper than your neighbours` foundations, you must inform them of your intentions, and you must do so in the manner set out in the Party Wall Act. If you would like your notifications to be prepared and verified by a party wall surveyor, please call us free of charge on 0800 311 2077 and we will provide you with the details of the required notice free of charge. We will also provide you with a code so that you can unlock our online creator, which will not be available to you until the required notification type is confirmed. Party Wall Act includes foundations near neighboring properties The foundations of garden walls extend into both gardens The Party Wall Act does not necessarily include a wall. If you intend to carry out work on your property that could affect a neighbour with whom you share a boundary, they must be informed of the planned work and an agreement must be reached. The Party Wall Law covers new work to be carried out on or near a border; Working on or near a border wall; Excavation near a border and also excavation that digs deeper than the foundation of your neighbors` building. The Party Wall Act is a framework for preventing or resolving disputes over party walls and property boundaries. This project will show you how to decide if you should involve your neighbor in discussions about the work you intend to do. Many thanks to the Department of Municipalities and Local Government for the photos below. Essentially, if there is disagreement between the parties as to whether the work can be done, each party should employ a surveyor, or you can both employ a surveyor together. We get a lot of questions about working near or at the border between real estate, for example is a common question; Can I use my next wall as part of my annex or at the back of my shed? By informing the owner of the party wall of the work you wish to do, and provided that he accepts that the work be done with minimal interruption, you have the right to complete work such as the general works listed below: The party wall law comes into force when you share a border The most common misconception is, that the law applies directly only to a wall of parties. In fact, there is a whole section of the law that deals with searches near party walls, and another that covers new walls erected up up to or along the border.

First, let`s take a look at what the law calls neighboring excavations. There are rules and regulations in this regard and most are covered by the Party Wall Act of 1996. The Party Wall Law comes into effect when you share a border The Party Wall Law covers the removal of the chimney chest Floors are included in the Party Wall as structures When the party plans the work, you have full control over who the surveyor appoints you and what he calculates. You agree to either a fixed rate or an hourly rate. The same is not true for your neighbour`s surveyor (if you cannot agree on an agreed surveyor), as he is selected by your neighbour and does not have to indicate his fees until shortly before the publication of the price. If you or your surveyor feel that the fees charged are unreasonable, they should be referred to the “third-party surveyor” for review, although there are other fees for this and it will still take weeks. .

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